Middle School Athletics

Fall Sports

Cross Country - Start Date - August 27

MELLON CROSS COUNTRY - Cross COuntry Fun Runs/pre-season training begins August 13.  Join us for informal,voluntary, group runs.  Check out our website for dates, times and general information.  Mellon Runs!

Parents - Cross Country season officially begins on August 27  To participate in practices, scrimmages or meets, runners must be registered via Family ID and officiall approved by our Athletic Dept.  Physicals must be dated after June 1, 2018 and be on a PIAA Section 6 Physical Form.

7th & 8th Grade Football - Start Date - August 20th

Mellon Volleyball - Tryout Dates - August 29 & 30

Jefferson Volleyball - Tryout Dates - August 28 & 29 from 3:15-5:00 pm

Swimming - Start Date - September 4

Jefferson Football - Physicals need to be completed after June 1, 2018 and uploaded to the athletic website with your Family ID registration.  You can find the link on the athletic website - mtlebanonsports.org

We will pass out equipment on August 17th at 2:00 pm in the Jefferson Elementary gym.

The first practice will be at 4:00 pm and last until 5:30 pm the week of August 20th.

Any questions can be directed to Coach McGregor at dmcgregor@mtlsd.net 


The Mt. Lebanon School District is committed to providing each athlete with an enjoyable learning experience.  We understand the primary reason young athletes participate in sports is to have fun while competing with each other.  We believe that every athlete matters and should be given the opportunity to learn and improve his or her knowledge and skills, and we will provide that opportunity.  Finally, we believe that while competing to win is important, the greater value lies in competing with honor, practicing good sportsmanship and being generous in victory and defeat.



1.  Participation

  • Design of the Middle School Athletic program is to provide opportunities for participation as facilities and supervision will reasonably and safely allow.
  • Each student will receive meaningful minutes in every game. 
  • Goal of winning must be superseded by the goal of participation.  

2.  Develop skill and knowledge of game strategies, rules and fundamental skills        

  • All practices, scrimmages, and contests are to be considered teaching situations.
  • Basic skills should be taught in progression with safety being the prime consideration.
  • Collaborate with varsity coaches on fundamental skills necessary to move to high school level.

3.  Sportsmanship

  • Respect for Roots:  Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self
  • To accept any defeat like a true sport, knowing we have done our best, we must learn to treat others as we would have others treat us.  We need to develop desirable social traits, including emotional control, honesty, cooperation and dependability.
  • Expectation of high behavior standards for coaches, athletes, students, and parents. 

4.  Competition

  • Our tradition has been to win with honor.  We strive to win, but only with honor to our athletes, our schools and our community.
  • Our coaches should strive to become Double Goal Coaches
  • Winning is important.  Trying to win is essential.  Without the passionate pursuit of victory, much of the enjoyment as well as the educational values of sports would be lost.







7th and 8th Grade Cheerleading

7th and 8th Grade Cheerleading

Jr. High Softball

7th and 8th Grade Girls Cross Country

7th and 8th Grade Girls Basketball

7th and 8th Grade Girls Track

7th and 8th Grade Boys Cross Country

7th and 8th Grade Boys Basketball

7th and 8th Grade Boys Track

Field Hockey


7th Grade Football

7th and 8th Grade Wrestling


8th Grade Football



7th and 8th Grade Girls Swimming



7th and 8th Grade Boys Swimming



7th and 8th Grade Girls Volleyball







In order to participate in athletics, all students must register through FamilyId and complete a physical dated after June 1, 2018.  To register, please look under the registration heading at the top of the page for instruction and a copy of the physical form.